Hira Sheikh

Hira Sheikh is Doctoral Researcher at the QUT Design Lab and QUT Digital Media Research Centre. As an interdisciplinary researcher and creative designer, her work builds on more-than-human and multispecies studies arising from plural communities to explore the possibilities for acknowledging nonhuman lifeforms as beings with agencies within smart urban governance practices. She is an architect and an urban design theorist by background. Before commencing her PhD, she worked as an urban planning consultant at The United Nations Development Programme and as a Research Assistant with [urban interfaces] at Utrecht University. Her creative practice takes on an ecocritical and a decolonial approach to explore human-nature relationships. Her collaborative work has most recently been exhibited by Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery and Helsinki City Museum.

QUT Academic Profile | https://hirasheikh.cargo.site | hira.sheikh@hdr.qut.edu.au | LinkedIn | Twitter