NENA Annual Conference: Growing a Wellbeing Economy for Australia

Smart Urban Governance for More-than-Human Future(s), workshop series explore urban future(s) alongside three protagonist species/ecosystems, koalas, Australian White Ibis, and soil ecologies, through a more-than-human lens. Multispecies futures are imagined besides experts from diverse fields, for example, local and regional governments (members of councils across South-East Queensland), scientists (studying communication and behavioural ecology of nonhuman species), environmental lawyers and activists, urban planners, and citizens engaging closely with nature.

Workshop series is organised in collaboration with NENA Brisbane Hub, QUT Design Lab, Australian Earth Laws Alliance, the Greenprints Initiative and Future Dreaming Australia. It is conducted alongside Professor Marcus Foth and Professor Peta Mitchell.

We are also working with artists – Merinda Davies, Bella Deary, and Lowana Davies.