The Koala Attunement Room

by Merinda Davies

Fabric (eucalyptus fibre), eucalyptus dye, diffuser, eucalyptus scent.

Lay your head or sit softly on a cushion, let your eyes take in the gentle light, let your whole body take in the light, take rest, as you breath in imagine you are breathing out, settle in to the soft centre of your body.

Soft, smooth, subtle scent lingering in your fibres,

do you remember the layers on layers, rings of your fibrous centre pushing outwards and upwards, moving towards light, finding a space of your own?

do you remember the way you would burrow deep into the ground, tasting for water and nutrients?

do you remember being caressed by wind, moving through your canopy, shape shifting images with your fingertips?

do you remember how time felt? slow and fast–standing in stillness

do you remember the messages you passed underground?

warnings, pleasures, hello’s, goodbyes…

do you remember which parts are you and which parts are not?

The Koala Attunement Room is an intervention to find ways to thrive within collapse. You are invited into a place to rest, a place to build koala and more-than-human empathy, a sensory experience of texture, sound and smell. What can we learn from a koala and eucalyptus tree perspective? The Koala Attunement Room is a future place for retraining the body towards a softer way of being. Koalas sleep up to 18 hours a day, rest is core to the way of the Koala, in our current system, we are stuck in a cycle of hyperproduction that is driving ecological collapse. The Koala Attunement Room is a gentle reorientation towards more-than-human ways of existence. You are invited to rest, to nap, to sleep, to be still, to dream, to imagine a different way of living.